Ryan "The Moon" Coker-Welch Melee

Ryan "The Moon" Coker-Welch is a Marth main from New York. He is ranked 1st on the NYC Metropolitan Area Power Rankings, 28th on the 2015 Melee It On Me SSBM Rank and 21st on the 2016 SSBM Rank.

Larry "Larry Lurr" Holland Wii U Smash

Larry "Larry Lurr" Holland, formerly known as DEHF, is a Wii U Smash Falco main from Reseda, California. He is considered to be the best Brawl Falco player in the world, with consistent success against top competitors.

Armando "Angelic" Mejia MvC

Armando "Angelic" Mejia has been a competitive player since the beginning of MvC3's launch. With many top 8 placements at major Marvel tournaments, including 2 3rd place finishes at Evo in 2013 and 2016. He is now currently competing under the Misfits brand.